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Photographer FAQ

We are frequently asked about other photographers and what separates us from the crowd.  We’ve gathered some of the questions we get the most here as well as some of the things we’ve observed over the years.  If you are shopping for a great photographer to schedule with, you may want to ask some of these same questions and weigh their answers against ours.


Who will be taking my family’s photos?

When you choose to book with Panama City Beach Photographers, you are booking with me or one of my hand-picked, associate photographers! We have a team of very talented, local photographers that has mentored and trained with Laura Jennings.  Each and every image you see here is the work of these talented photographers and we will be the ones photographing your family or special day.


Do you edit or “retouch” the images you take?

Each image is edited one-by-one. We take pride in our work and in each image given to you. We do not and will not ever “batch-edit” your photos. Batch editing is when you edit the first image and then select the remainder of the photos, press a button and apply the same settings to the remainder of the images. These leaves much room to error and each image is an individual memory.


How soon will I have my pictures?

Your images will be complete within one week from the date of our session! No waiting weeks or months!  We, too, are too impatient to wait that long!


Do you offer print products or can I print my photos on my own?

Your package comes with a printing release. We want you to be able to share your images with your family and friends! This release gives you “permission” to print your images as you desire. We will never hold your photos hostage!  We do offer prints and other wall art that are far superior quality than what you will order on your own, however, you still will receive a printing release.


Can I have all the pictures you take?

This question has become so common that I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it.  Read the post HERE.


What are your rates?

We offer wedding collections beginning at $750 and family mini sessions starting at just $275. Please always feel free to contact us, you never know when a session might open up and a discount might be applied!


If you are planning a wedding, sometimes the set of questions is a little different… Please see my Frequently Asked Wedding Questions (they start about halfway down the page).

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